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Bad data can happen to anyone. Savi tags and readers deliver real-time, accurate, impartial data you can trust.

Live, Streaming Facts

Accurate and Dependable

Accurate, milestone-based and real-time asset tracking. Savi active RFID tags and IoT communications-capable sensors have been battle tested in the harshest environments.

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Fixed and Mobile

Active RFID tags and readers capture data at fixed, physical milestones while communications-capable sensors, such as Savi IoT, collect and send real-time data from anywhere.

Fast, Flexible Deployment

First, upload the device file and mount the sensor. Then pair the sensor to a shipment in Savi Visibility. Now you are ready to receive real-time streaming data on shipments.

Data Capture Solutions





Locate for Global, Multimodal Shipments





Savi Locate tag


Savi Secure Parent & Child



Savi Tags

Savi tags (also called sensors) are built to provide effective and accurate real-time tracking of assets and shipments throughout the global supply chain. Our tags enable organizations to access real-time information on the location, condition and security status of assets and shipments.

Savi sensors have been battle-tested for two decades — organizations around the world rely on our sensors to ensure mission-critical supplies reach their destination. Today, Savi tags track hundreds of thousands of shipments per year in more than 50 countries across the global supply chain. Our sensors support active RFID, mobile and satellite communications.

The Savi Locate™ for global, multi-modal shipments allows unparalleled reach—4G, 3G, and 2G cellular network coverage. Interior sensitive and accurate antennas use enhanced GPS technology to keep tabs on your cargo from outside or inside most shipping containers. When GPS satellites are not in view, cell tower triangulation can provide an approximate location. Sensors report in from anywhere around the globe where a cellular network exists.

The Savi Locate™ sensor is an affordable, high-performance tracking device designed to monitor multi-modal shipments. The low cost allows it to be economically feasible as a single-use device when return logistics are not an option. The ruggedness allows it to be reused many times over if desired. The Savi Locate sensor is integrated with Savi Visibility software to enable a comprehensive view of assets in transit or in theater.

Savi Secure™ sensors continuously monitor the shipment environment and instantaneously send alerts to Savi Visibility™ when exceptions to pre-defined threshold conditions occur—whether location, time, geozone, shock, vibration, motion, stoppage or any other event combinations. All Savi Secure Parent Long Life sensors have a battery life of up to 60 days at two-hour reporting intervals. Parent sensors may be used alone for anti-tampering or security purposes or used in conjunction with up to twenty-four Savi Secure Child sensors.

The Savi IoT™ (Interrogator or Transponder) Sensor is essential for tracking and protecting high-value assets throughout global military and civilian supply chains. For maximum real-time supply chain visibility, cellular transmission capabilities complement existing Active RFID support. This high-performance, long-life sensor is integrated with Savi Visibility software to enable a comprehensive view of stationary or in-transit assets.


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Savi Reader SR-650

Savi Reader SR-650

Savi Readers

Wide Range of Fixed and Mobile Readers · Savi Provides a wide range of fixed Active RFID readers and hybrid mobile devices that are backward compatible with Active RFID sensors. Savi Fixed Readers track items moving through gates and chokepoints or monitor assets within warehouses and yards. The fixed readers then forward this data to Savi SmartChain or other applications using the SmartChain Developer’s Platform. The Savi Mobile Reader (SMR) performs similar functions as the Savi Fixed Readers, except that the SMR is designed to connect directly with mobile devices and workstations. SMRs are portable devices that on-the-ground personnel use to interact with assets and shipments. SmartChain Edge applications and devices capture operational field events, such as attaching a tag to an asset, shipping an asset or consolidating a shipment.

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savi military portable deployment kit (pdk)

Portable Deployment Kits

Fast and Flexible Implementation Savi has developed the Savi Portable Deployment Kit (PDK I) and a lighter version, the Savi PDK II for expansion of tracking areas such as military deployment. A hardened transit case protects equipment from water (rain, seawater, fog, etc.) and from damage if the case is dropped or exposed to harsh vibration while being transported over unpaved roads. All PDKs are operational out of the box, with a laptop, mobile device, mobile readers, printer, software, and communications equipment included.

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For over 25 years, the DoD has used active RFID to track mission-critical shipments.

Today, the need for a minimal logistical footprint and maximum mobility is driving us to use infrastructure-less mobile sensors.

Savi’s cellular, satellite, and hybrid active RFID sensors give us backward compatibility with active RFID  to track shipments as they transit from land to air, sea, or rail to truck.

Our solutions give logisticians the visibility they need to make quick, informed decisions to ensure the right parts get to the right place when needed.


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