Service Providers

Logistics Service Provider: Improve Cross-Docking & Turns

Using Savi Solutions to Improve Cross-Docking and Inventory Turns

What was needed

A logistics service provider needed to improve cross-docking efficiency for their customer. Before using Savi, their customer was planning their dock schedule every twenty-four hours. When shipments were late (or early), often there were people waiting around, or there were not enough people available to unload and load at the mixing center. Late shipments also brought penalties for not delivering “on time, in full,” aka OTIF.

Actions taken

The logistics service provider turned to Savi solutions: Savi Visibility™ and Savi’s analytics software, Savi Insight™


The accuracy of ETAs improved by 90%. More precise ETAs allowed them to plan their dock schedule every six hours instead of every twenty-four hours, which resulted in a more efficient use of labor—no standing around waiting for shipments to arrive. Improved cross-docking also brought a decrease in OTIF penalties and an increase in inventory turns, which made them a hero with their customer.

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